March 31, 2022

#152 Jordan Ekers, Co-founder and COO of Nudge, on the Frontline Staff and Employee Experience

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Today’s guest is obsessed with solving business problems and helping organizational leaders rethink the connection between employee and customer experiences. He is the co-founder and COO of Nudge, an employee communications platform. Their recent report, The Deskless Report 2021, gives some fascinating insights into the state of the ‘deskless workforce’, which we uncover in this episode.

Jordan also shares what they have learned working with tech that amplifies frontline employees’ engagement and performance for almost 8 years. Tune in to find out more about the ‘humanisation’ of hospitality, influencing behaviour across a large organisation and empowering creativity.


The Deskless Report 2021

The Agile Hospitality Report

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