Sept. 6, 2022

Hospitality and The Infinite Game #010: Culture

There is no doubt that ‘Culture’ is a hot topic in business. But what even is it? How do you change a culture? How long does it take to change? In this episode David quizzes Michael with these questions (and many more).

We review the ultimate equation of ‘Beliefs x Behaviour = Culture’. Whether you’re a company of one or 100,000 – culture exists in every business, so you need to know whether your culture is built by neglect or conscious intent. Tune in to this episode as we discuss rewarding good behaviour, performance culture, and some examples of amazing companies that have stood by their culture.  

Resources mentioned:

#163 Ari Weinzweig, CEO of Zingerman's Community of Businesses, on Visioning and the Myth of the One Thing

#160 Paul Hargreaves, Founder and CEO at Cotswold Fayre, on B Corps and Being a Force For Good

#144 Monika Linton, Founder of Brindisa, on Open-Book Management

The Last Dance | Netflix


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‘Good To Great’ by Jim Collins

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Hospitality and The Infinite Game #001: Long-term Thinking

Twelve Natural Laws Of Building A Great Business

‘The Culture Code’ by Daniel Coyle

‘The Service Profit Chain’ by W. Earl Sasser Jr., Leonard Schlesinger and James Heskett

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