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Great content

Great content, really engaging, inspiring and really easy to listen to!

Insightful great listen

Great podcast with fantastic guests talking all important things hospitality!

Informative and Inspiring

I find the candid interviews with Hospitality professionals on the podcast to be refreshing and informative. I love hearing from the industry's top leaders on how we can build a more sustainable and welcoming community while working together to achieve success—looking forward to future episodes!

Great conversations

In our ever changing and fast paced lives, we can't read of listen to everything. Michael's podcasts are a must listen though. Packed with inspiration and kindness, you will learn and feel better about the world (even yourself) at the same time.

Great industry insights!

Inspiring and educational episodes with a great range of guests. Gives you good insight into the current state of the hospitality industry and advice on how to improve the operations within your own business.

Hugely insightful

I am loving this podcast! Thank you so much - amazingly helpful for my small business (first time I’ve ever left a podcast review!)

Great podcast

I've been listening to this podcast for a while now - love the great content and the valuable industry insights. Highly recommend!

A must listen.

A unique podcast that offers valuable insights from industry leaders. A must listen to for anyone in the trade.

Valuable podcast

Great content, energy and guests!

Five Stars!

A brilliant podcast that combines information and fun in an original way with some fascinating guests!


Amazing podcasts!

A source of insights

There is not many other places to find great insights on how to be a better leader and entrepreneur in the industry than here...

Original and insightful

Great podcasts - original, engaging, always learn something new. Really current/relevant discussions on leadership , people , ops and tech

Love this podcast!

Insightful and informative podcast. Would definitely recommend!

Highly valuable content

I was recommended the HM podcast by a colleague and I have been very impressed with the insightful discussions with real industry leaders. You have earned yourself a new subscriber!

Very helpful

I have yet to come across a podcast that communicates these ideas so clearly and in a way that is interesting to listen to!! It has helped me so much with my knowledge base, and with each listen I feel more confident with progressing my business. Great podcast!!!

Inspiring and insightful

Having discovered Michael’s podcast at the end of last year, I have been playing catch up on these episodes and I have to say they are excellent. As a designer that works on hospitality restaurant concepts it is genuinely fascinating to gain these deeper level insights from successful people in the industry. Well done! Keep them coming.

Great insight and inspirational advice from those who know it best

Everyone has their own leadership styles and it's great that Hospitality Mavericks are shining a light on the different types and how they utilise them in their own businesses. It's interesting to hear leader's backgrounds, stories and journeys which have led them to where they are today. Inspirational and very interesting listening!

Fantastic insights into Hospitality, F&B

As always HM delivers top class industry experts sharing their knowledge, experience and outlook. Highly recommended!

Very Insightful

I love listening to the Hospitality Mavericks, very insightful view into the hospitality industry from many different points of view. Great to hear the change makers in the industry in open and honest conversation, giving their tips and insight. Absolutely worth a listen!

Made by Mavericks!

Hospitality has a range of people operating through it, but it’s the mavericks that make the difference. The mavericks take chances and calculate the risks when others would not; mavericks build, mavericks make a difference and on this pod, we hear from those doing just that. Check it out if you are looking to be inspired by the journeys of others to help you on your own, you will not regret it.


Great podcast with fantastic guests talking about the really important stuff in hospitality, highly recommend!