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A new school of thought.

Moving your business from where it is now to where you want it to be is one of the greatest quests of being a leader.

Most leaders don’t really give this the time and focus needed to make their businesses great.

They follow the old outdated way of leading and growing their businesses because it feels easier.

But you and your business can be so much more.

We imagine a world where leaders KNOW how to build businesses that DO more than make a profit.

They make a positive impact on people, communities and the planet.

They dare to be different.

Meet the Mavericks ✊

Recent Episodes

#214 Jeff Grass, CEO of HUNGRY, on Disrupting the Corporate Catering World

June 8, 2023

HUNGRY is disrupting the $100 billion business food and events industry with a food-tech marketplace and logistics platform. It provides food and engagement solutions for businesses, powered by top local chefs and entreprene…

#213 Dan Hudson, CEO and Founder of GiGL, on Recruiting the Gen Z Workforce

June 1, 2023

Dan Hudson is the CEO and Founder of GiGL, the anti-CV tech startup making recruitment less boring. Featured in the Startups100 list of top startups of 2023, they are re-shaping the recruitment market with their video-based …

#212 Pilar Garcia, Founder of Pendulo, on How to Be Profitable and a Force For Good

May 25, 2023

If you want to improve your profits in your restaurant, Pilar is your go-to expert. She is the Founder of Pendulo, which supports independent restaurants, pubs and cafes to be more profitable with our software, consultancy a…

#211 Deepak Ohri, Chief Happiness Officer at lebua Hotels & Resorts, on the Power of Education and Mentoring

May 18, 2023

Hotel owner and author of the book ‘A Bridge Not Too Far’, Deepak Ohri, joins the show for the second time. He is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at lebua Hotels & Resorts, Bangkok-based luxury hotels and restaurants com…

#210 Rie Kattrup Lorentzen, UK Head of Food at Ole & Steen, on Leading with Empathy

May 11, 2023

Today I’m joined by a fellow Dane – Rie Kattrup Lorentzen. She is currently the UK Head of Food at Ole & Steen, and has previously worked for some amazing brands like Wagamama, Whitebread and Bills Restaurants. It’s fascinat…

#209 Matt Tebbit, Head of Bars & Dining at University of Reading, on the Menus of Change

May 4, 2023

Matt Tebbit is spearheading the University of Reading’s emphasis on human and planetary health by using the Menus of Change guiding principles and by supporting cross-institutional collaborations for both learning and resear…

#208 Polly Robinson, Executive Coach, on the Difference Between Leadership and Management

April 27, 2023

Polly Robinson is a coach who specialises in leadership coaching for hospitality businesses. She joins the show to share her story and explain how she works with clients, including running leadership development workshops an…

#207 Yulia Bolotina from Gategroup & Hannah Surowinski from The Humane League, on the Sustainable Impact of Cage-Free Eggs

April 20, 2023

Today we get an insight into what can be achieved when a business is used as a force for good and makes significant changes in their food supply chain – through cage-free eggs. We are joined by expert two guests: Yulia Bolot…

#206 Jacob Dahl, Author and Investor, on Our Relationship with Time

April 13, 2023

Time is a concept many of us are obsessed with, but it’s totally subjective. Jacob Dahl joins me to unpack the nature and experience of time for a better life. He was, until recently, a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, …

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About the Host

Michael TingsagerProfile Photo

Michael Tingsager

CEO (Chief Energy Officer) and Founder

Michael is the host and creator of the podcast show.

He is a heart-centred and purpose-driven leader, who believes and lives by building businesses from the inside out. Businesses that create strong employee and customer experience and strong results. Over time this makes the business a force for good which can then positively impact all stakeholders.

He has been involved in food from the day he was born working in his mum and dad’s small restaurant group in rural Denmark.

He has 25+ years in food including 11 years at McDonald’s with roles at the head office in Denmark and UK.

Michael is deeply passionate about building strong cultures and relentless when it comes to finding the right people.