Nov. 27, 2020

Trailer Hospitality & The Infinite Game

Hospitality and the Infinite Game is a new podcast series focused on answering one simple question….what type of hospitality industry do we actually want to create?

In the series, Michael Tingsager of Hospitality Mavericks and David Chenery of Object Space Place discuss big ideas that might set the foundation for a different model of success. A model which would allow us to piece together a bold new way forward, where our businesses can thrive whilst making a positive impact on people, communities and the planet.

The topics are broad, covering infinite mindedness, the climate emergency, a circular economy, doughnut economics, B-Corps and how profit and purpose can coexist. Each short, half-hour episode is aimed to be a primer on each subject to spark interest and debate. 

We make no claims to have all the answers, far from it in fact, but we hope these conversations might just get you thinking. We are learning and hopefully you will learn with us.

So tune in and get ready to make your mark. The game is afoot…..and it’s an infinite one.

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