March 30, 2020

Surviving The Shit Storm Episode 8 with Julian Matthews, Solicitor and Partner at Wedlake Bell LLP

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In this episode, Michael is talking with Julian Mathews Solicitor and Partner at Wedlake Bell LLP in London. He has for years been advising hospitality and restaurant businesses.

We talked about the current storm and what operators need to prepare themself for legally short and long term. We also covered what operators should do in the coming period to be ready when they come out of hibernation. We discuss how all this impact company culture and employee engagement now and long term.

Remember if you would like some help please reach out to Julian either via email: jmathews@wedlakebell.com or phone: 07968 558739

Thanks to our partners HGEM, Tahola and Vita Mojo who is making this possible. 

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