April 6, 2020

Surviving The Shit Storm Episode 13 with Kim Scott, founder of Candor Inc. and CEO coach

In this episode, Kieron speaks with Kim Scott who happens to be the author of one of his favourite books in the last 2 years, “Radical Candor” is based around a simple idea of Care Personally and Challenge Directly.

Kieron and Kim talked through the different scenarios that we are all facing right now could be addressed utilising the Radical Candor model, from leaders having tough conversations with their teams, to the perils of enforcing physical distancing when you are out for your exercise or shopping when you’re surrounded by others who aren’t respecting the rules and most importantly to a lot of us right now, dealing with the potential pressure and tension of being pent up at home with our families, folks who know how to push our buttons to garner a response more than most.

You can find Kim on Twitter at @kimballscott more details on the work that the Radical Candor team do in the training world @candor You will find their website www.radicalcandor.com and obviously the book is available at Radical Candor: Fully Revised and Updated Edition: How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1529038340/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_YBCHEb9MR39RB

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