March 16, 2020

Surviving The Shit Storm Episode 1 with Jonathan Downey, Co-Founder and CEO of Street Feast

In this special edition podcast Michael interviewed Co-Founder and CEO of Street Feast; Jonathan Downey as our guest - we will be discussing how to navigate the storm during the Corona Virus. He will be giving great insights into where he sees the industry is right now, what you need to do as an operator to keep the doors open, what the government needs to do to keep one of the most important industries and biggest UK employers afloat, and what he is doing himself as a leader to keep head over water.

JD was so kind as to offer people help via Twitter @DowneyJD or email him at jd@londonunion.com.

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Thanks to our partners HGEM, Tahola and Vita Mojo for supporting us get this out to more movers, shakers and mavericks - together we can overcome this. 

With thanks to the amazing Scorzayzee for allowing the use of his tracks, “All in together” and "Heroes Never Die" (With Daudi Matsiko) taken from his album “Aeon: Peace To The Puzzle” is thoroughly apt for this time. Find him on social at @scorzayzee 

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