May 5, 2020

How to thrive and re-build your restaurant in the new now

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We are a group of likeminded people who decided to put this special episode together due to our love for the industry and in the hope that our thinking and ideas could help independent and smaller restaurant groups to bounce back and not only survive but thrive in the current COVID-19 storm as well as create a new future. 

The Danish Trade Council UK took the lead to bring us all together. We are order technology Take-Out Group, pos-systems QuickOrder, consultancies FoodOnTheMove and Hospitality Mavericks. 

In this episode Mark McGlinn, Mads Wedderkop and Michael Tingsager will  be talking about the current storm in the industry - how to survive and thrive in it, how technology, take-out and delivery can be part of the solution and there is some top advice which can be implemented straight away at the end of this episode on what operators can do to get ready for the future.

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