Nov. 30, 2021

EPS 2 Digital Titans - Hugo Engel Digital Executive at Leon - Restaurant of The Future

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It’s great to have another deep dive into digital transformation with Hugo Engel who is Digital Executive at Leon restaurants where he is part of building the restaurant for the future.

We will be talking about: how Leon is using digital ordering capabilities to serve and understand customers better.

Michael and Hugo talk about:

  • How to use digital ordering capabilities to serve and understand customers better
  • How to put digital tools in the hands of the frontline 
  • How data can transform your customer exspirence
  • How digital learning can improve the onboarding process 
  • The importance of stopping up and sorting out your tech stack.

We also talk about their next big move when it comes to Digital Transformation in restaurants and much more.

Please note that this interview was recorded back in Marts 2021, so lots of things have changed for both LEON & the industry.

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The Digital Titans series is brought to you by the wonderful people at Vita Mojo - the technology company powering the best food and drink businesses in the UK and Europe.

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