Jan. 27, 2021

How to show up stronger

How have your first weeks of 2021 been?

To be totally honest, I have often felt in overwhelmed in trying to find the path forward into 2021 Some days I totally lost the sense of being in control and also found it very difficult to find the momentum and focus I needed to progress.

But I know deep down, the more days I have the momentum and focus - the more positive my impact is on the work I do, and the people I engage with.

So my most important job as a human, husband, dad, entrepreneur and leader starts and ends with taking care of myself, so I can have more MOMENTUM and FOCUS DAYS - and show up stronger.

I have made myself slow down and double down on some simple things to make sure I feel like I have a win every morning and evening. So over the last two weeks, I have recreated and reinforced my basic routines, both morning and evening, to make sure they become more consistent again - which in some cases has meant reinventing them to fit the situation.

To get some inspiration I went back and turned into a number of the interviews I have done over the years with Mavericks to tap into their ideas and routines, and I also revisited some of my heroes, ,Tony Robbins and ,David Hieatt, for inspiration.

So my updated maverick routines are:

Get a power Morning before I start the day:

  • 10-15 minutes meditation
  • 10 minutes stretching and mobility training
  • 10 HIIT workout (I tune into Joe Wicks) - sometimes this is switch for a 30-45 minute run
  • 10 minutes planning and choose top 3 priorities and what I'm grateful for
  • Coffee ; )
  • Write for 15 minutes - anything at all

Evening wrap up, and starting the next morning the night before:

  • 10 minutes planning and reflecting on top 3 wins and learnings
  • Phone/laptop curfew: I try to stop using the WIFI after 8 pm if there is nothing super urgent (I struggle with this one by the way ; )
  • 20 minutes reading
  • Minimum 7 hours sleep

My aim now is to do this consistently every day because it has a massive impact on my energy levels and it makes me feel in control, and helps me to keep focus and momentum. The key thing here is that you become consistent and that is the secret weapon to manage and navigate the storm we are travelling through right now.

You should not copy mine, you should create your own and find out what makes you tick. Also, make it your default plan - but don't beat yourself up when you can't - life sometimes comes in the way and that is totally ok.

You might be thinking why should I do this? It sounds like BS, and it will not change my situation. But what is the real cost of not optimising your energy and how you feel? It's massive I can tell you - it's one of the few things you really can control in a world where so many things are uncontrollable right now.

And remember - you are what you consistently do!

So, what can you do now to get started?

  • Create routines for your mornings and evenings - YOURS, not mine
  • Work on showing up strong
  • Get consistent
  • If you can't make it work, try something new instead
  • Start small and create small wins

We need more mavericks to help build back a better and different world, so go and take control of what you can, and you have a better starting point for making a positive impact on people around you, your community and the planet.

Simon Sinek says: We cannot choose the game. We cannot choose the rules. We can only choose how we play the game.

So how will you play your game?

Be Maverick.

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,Michael is a heart-centred and purpose-driven CEO, who believes and lives by building businesses from the inside out. When your employees love your company, your customers will love you — brand nirvana. He helps CEOs and founders to build unique blueprints that create strong employee and customer experience, which translate into stronger profits and positive impact on your people, community and our planet.