March 25, 2021

#99 Adam Smith, Founder of The Real Junk Food Project, on Food is Power

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We live in a true paradox where we overproduce and over waste. Adam Smith is the founder and co-director of the multi-award-winning global initiative The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP). Their mission is to revolutionise the disposal of avoidable food waste into landfill – the pioneering movement's manifesto is to “feed bellies, not bins”. Prior to this he was a professional chef, and he’s currently writing a book to be released in 2021.

I really enjoyed speaking with Adam as I got to learn more about TRJFP’s mission, and how he practically applies kindness in his work place. In this conversation we also explore his angle on happiness, tackling big challenges through collaboration and the lessons he’s learnt from life’s hardships. Adam is a true inspiration with what life has thrown at him, so tune in!


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