March 11, 2021

#97 Mike Bausch, Owner of Andolini's Pizzeria, on the Authentic Leader

Mike Bausch finds that there are things that still translate from Day One of his business, Andolini's Pizzeria, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I brought Mike on to the show to understand his approach to growing a restaurant business through his very authentic manner – and how he makes such delicious pizzas.

Mike started the pizzeria with his brother at the age of 22 – 6 months after graduating from college. 15 years later, it’s the leading pizzeria that’s turned into a true success during the pandemic. So much so, they’ve been able to run at full capacity.

Mike’s enthusiasm is infectious. Tune in as we talk about getting mentors, POS system failures, key questions to ask yourself as an entrepreneur, and the art of not fitting in. As Mike says in the interview, “there’s always a better way”, so let’s keep on learning as business leaders.


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Mike’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikeybausch/

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