Jan. 7, 2021

#88 Larry Korman, President of AKA Hotel Residences, on Being 3D

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As we kick off with 2021, there’s a long road ahead of us. Larry Korman – design and travel extraordinaire – joins the show to share why he’s optimistic about the industry, and what you can do to keep innovating. 

AKA offers weekly and monthly stays in studio and one to two bedroom residences in beautiful buildings with personalised support. They have locations in NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, London and LA. It’s a division of Korman Communities, a four generation family-run real estate business since 1909 and pioneer of the furnished suite concept in 1966.

I love Larry’s bullish energy, and his insatiable desire to build a great team. Tune in as we explore value propositions, innovating remotely, digital partnerships, humanising experiences and how AKA succeeds by looking at things 3-dimensionally. 


AKA: https://www.stayaka.com/ 

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Wolfgang Puck: https://twitter.com/wolfgangpuck 

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