Nov. 26, 2020

#82 Andreas Sjölund, Co-Founder at Quinyx, on The Digital Employee Experience

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With over 18 years experience in the workforce management industry, Andreas Sjölund is a true expert when it comes to digitising the employee experience. As Co-Founder at Quinyx, their motto is “happy workforce, happy business”.

Quinyx is a leading workforce management software. Their technology helps simplify scheduling, time reporting, communication, task management, budgeting and forecasting. They help some of the world’s biggest businesses, such as McDonald’s, DHL and Hilton.

I was fascinated by what Andreas had to share about building great company culture with the help of technology. Join us as we explore how AI can help read customer trends, the lessons learnt from building his own company culture, how technology has evolved this year – and his former career as an ice hockey player. 


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