Oct. 1, 2020

#74 Mark Hawthorne, Former CEO at McDonald's and GYG, on why convenience is king

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There’s often a big stigma behind fast food and QSR, but it’s the best way to be the biggest in the world. As former colleagues, I was super excited to catch up with Mark Hawthorne, Former CEO at McDonald's and Guzman y Gomez. With the fast-changing landscape, we need to rewrite the leadership playbook. 

Mark has spent decades working with the world leaders of QSR. Currently based in Australia, he’s built successful businesses around the world. Best-known for his forward-thinking approach to leadership, we explore the new opportunities from this new playing field.

Join us as we discuss the restaurants doing well right now, mentors, and the biggest surprise he’s seen this year – as well as signing goals with ketchup handprints.


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