Nov. 17, 2022

#185 Bart-Jan Leyts, Founder and CEO of Loreca, on Boosting Hotel Revenue with an Algorithm

Loreca is a startup that helps hotels rank higher on travel search engines using an algorithm that today’s guest, Bart-Jan Leyts, had designed – and boosting the revenue of a hotel or Bed and Breakfast by approximately 24%. I had to invite Bart-Jan on to the show to learn more about this platform, and explore the overall bigger picture of tech in the hospitality industry.

It was fascinating to hear what Bart-Jan has learnt from working closely with both big and small operators. In this conversation, we reflect on the impact of inflation, flexible pricing models, analysing your company’s data, and some sound advice for young business founders. 


Loreca: https://loreca.be/ 

Connect with Bart-Jan Leyts on LinkedIn: https://be.linkedin.com/in/bart-jan-leyts-b427151b1 

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