Aug. 25, 2022

#173 Flynn Byrne and Grant Dexter, Escapism Bar Group, on Keeping Staff Engaged: From Frontline to Management

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I had the great pleasure to be joined by two great guests from Escapism Bar Group – Head of Learning and Development, Flynn Byrne, and Managing Director, Grant Dexter. It was fascinating to learn from the nightlife industry – a sector that hasn’t been fully covered on the show yet. Escapism Bar Group was founded in 2004 by husband and wife team Phil and Mel Harrison. Since the opening of their first bar Mean Eyed Cat, they have gone on to open seven other unique bars which all offer something totally different in Leeds, UK. 

Flynn and Grant talk about how they have bounced back from lockdown and what they have done to ensure they create a working palace that people love and support. Tune in to learn more about creating experiences through great culture, American hospitality, training from the bottom-up, and creating a strong group of brands.


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