April 14, 2022

#154 David Dressler, Founder of Quiet Advisory, on Creating a Soulful Workplace

What makes a place ‘special’ to work at? I’m excited to share with you a conversation I had with an expert in this field. David Dressler is a leadership coach, strategic advisor to purpose-driven entrepreneurs, author of ‘Ten Year Plan’ and one of the co-founders of Tender Greens – a successful and purpose-driven restaurant chain in the USA. 

In this candid interview, David shares how to form a ten year business plan, making a difference in your community, the current restaurant ‘Renaissance’, and why making a hard decision doesn't have to be so hard. We also dive into the pains of growing a business and what it means for you as a founder. 


‘Ten Year Plan’ by David Dressler

The Sustainable Life Project

‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink

Tender Greens

Quiet Advisory


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