Nov. 4, 2021

#131 Tim Brown, Food & Beverage Global Business Unit at Oracle, on the Implementation of Technology – and its Future

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There’s one thing using technology in your business, and there is another thing implementing it. The Food and Beverage Global Business Unit at Oracle helps organizations connect every guest interaction to your back-of-house operations. With me today is Tim Brown, the unit’s Vice President of Global Solution Engineering. He leads an international team of experienced technical sales consultants dedicated to devising and deploying pioneering IT solutions that accelerate innovation for food and beverage customers.

I’m excited to learn from Tim how the industry can get the best out of technology. We also talk about dealing with ‘spaghetti’ architecture, how to help your staff with technology, voice-activated devices, revenue forecasting, and building loyalty.


Oracle for Food and Beverage: https://www.oracle.com/industries/food-beverage/ 

Tim’ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timpbrown69/ 

Tim’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/timpbrown 

#83 Mark Gausden, Vice President at Oracle, on Your Digital Strategy: https://hospitality-mavericks.captivate.fm/episode/83  

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