Oct. 28, 2021

#130 Richard Centolella, Principal at EDSA, on Property and Design Megatrends

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The Dubai Opera House, Four Seasons, Hard Rock, the Atlantis resorts – these are just a few of the notable projects designed by EDSA, a planning, landscape architecture and urban design firm founded in 1960. Dialling in from the US is ESDA’s Principal Richard Centolella, where he leads the Baltimore studio and oversees operations in New York City. He is a true maverick when it comes to designing functional, realistic, and engaging places for people.

This conversation brings to light how we need to optimise spaces and environments for our customers and staff as we enter this new post-pandemic paradigm. Tune in as we discuss the future for developers and the real estate market, regenerative landscape design, staycation trends and the role of mentorship.


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EDSA: https://www.edsaplan.com/ 

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