Aug. 19, 2021

#120 Azher Rubbani, Founder of Chowbunch, on Launching Your Dark Kitchen Brand

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A dark kitchen serves customers exclusively by delivery, operating as a separate food vendor from an existing restaurant's kitchen. It’s certainly a smart business model, but many brands can flop after launching. So what does it take to create visibility out of the kitchen’s invisibility? 

Having run his own food supply business for nearly 30 years, Azher Rubbani has been on a journey of transformation and decided to launch his own dark kitchen, Chowbunch, during the pandemic. Azher joins me today to share some really practical insights into how to launch a successful dark kitchen – from startup costs and following a multi-brand model. Tune in as we explore how strong brands exist virtually, A/B testing ingredients, virtual queues, servant leadership –  and dispelling some of the key myths.


Azher’s LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/azherrubbani 

Chowbunch.com: ​​https://www.chowbunch.com/ 

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