Aug. 5, 2021

#118 Jon Spiteri, Partner of Sessions Arts Club, on Having a Clear Vision

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Today’s guest proves how the hospitality industry is so flexible. Consultant Jon Spiteri is currently a partner of Sessions Arts club – a creative studio from painter Jonny Gent together with partner architect Russell Potter. Located in a restored 18th century Grade II former courthouse on Clerkenwell Green, Sessions Arts Club brings together art, people, food and wine. Like most of us, Jon’s work was massively affected by the pandemic, but having a clear vision helped him navigate through it.

I’m excited to have Jon on the show to discuss how he closely involves his staff in the business, sticking to your guns, working with investors – and eating at 4pm.  


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‘Setting the Table’ by Danny Meyer: ​​https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0462099253

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