July 29, 2021

#117 JP Then, Founder of Slerp and Crosstown Doughnuts, on Your Omni-Channel Strategy

As a founder of two hospitality brands, today’s guest is a true early adopter with technology. JP Then believes you can reach so many more customers if you have an omni-channel strategy. He is the founder of Slerp, an on-demand e-commerce and order management system, and Crosstown Doughnuts, a London brand specialising in handcrafted doughnuts and specialty coffee.

Tune in to find out more about using ecommerce systems fit for hospitality. We also discuss finding a business partner, the future of sharing spaces, the ‘nothing to lose’ mentality, how to avoid gimmicky technology – and pairing beer with doughnuts.


KAM Media studies: https://kam-media.co.uk/resources/ 

Slerp: https://www.crosstown.co.uk/ 

Crosstown: https://www.slerp.com/ 

JP’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jpthen/ 

#110 Christophe Delacroix, Co-Founder of StoreKit: https://hospitality-mavericks.captivate.fm/episode/110 

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