July 22, 2021

#116 Tim Foster, Head of Being Awesome at the Yummy Pub Co, on Honest Hospitality

Tim Foster joins the show to help arm you with your recruitment tactics. Tim is Head of Being Awesome at the Yummy Pub Co, which operates pubs in London and Surrey. Yummy Pub is a boutique pub company founded in 2007 by Tim, Anthony Pender and Jason Rowlands. They’ve learnt how a hospitality business can survive and thrive amidst a pandemic, through adaptability, staff engagement, and a resilient mindset. Tim’s drive and ambition to succeed is infectious.  

In this discussion, Tim shares how he uses his staff as Yummy Pub’s competitive edge. We also explore the power of honesty, creative approaches to training and development, the ‘fully booked’ mentality, customer perception and reviews, and celebrating successes. 


Yummy Pub Co: https://www.yummypubs.co.uk/ 

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Tim’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/foster-tim-440626a/ 

Letterbox Cocktails: http://www.letterboxcocktails.shop/ 

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