June 10, 2021

#110 Christophe Delacroix, Co-Founder of StoreKit, on Mastering Your Omni-Channel Experience

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Choosing what technology to implement across your business can feel overwhelming, but today we find out what to keep front of mind when finding and implementing the right tools. Christophe Delacroix is the CEO and Co-Founder of StoreKit, a platform that simplifies eCommerce for hospitality. They help you build your own online ordering store through their seamless 2-way integrations with over 40 Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems.

In this conversation, we explore how technology has helped the growth of many small operators. We also discuss how to optimise your eCommerce channels, digitising the in-store experience, on-screen purchasing habits, the future of tills, and how to lead with the experimental mindset. 


StorkeKit: https://storekit.com/ 

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