Sept. 1, 2022

#174 Dave Oakley, CEO at Lead Different, on the Clue to Great Talent

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Earlier this year, I had a fascinating conversation with the CEO at Lead Different, Dave Oakley, about ‘Good To Great’ by Jim Collins. In this episode, Dave returns to the show to delve deeper into this seminal book, and reflect on how it can help you attract and retain great talent. Dave shares how to get talent right by using the ‘Talent Matrix’ and what we can do to build a great company.

Tune in to this episode as we talk about the role of responsibility, asking good questions, Dave’s Talent Matrix, collective success, and how to bring the principles of ‘Good To Great’ to reality. We also touch on how to best reread this impactful text so you can best leverage its key insights. 


‘Good To Great’ by Jim Collins

#141 Dave Oakley, CEO at DOC Inc., on Going From Good to Great

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