April 21, 2022

#155 Mark Cribb, Director of Urban Guild, on Being Better Not Bigger

Mark Cribb is the host of Humans of Hospitality podcast and Director of Urban Guild – a local, independent hospitality company based in his hometown Bournemouth, UK.

From his travels on the road, it’s been his mission to bring an inspired, energetic, creative environment to his hometown where the wonders of people and the world could be embraced and shared every day. 

17 years on, Urban Guild is now made up of the Urban Beach hotel, The Wood Oven & Urban Reef, Jenkins & Sons restaurant and Urban Farm. 

It was great speaking with a fellow podcaster to reflect on the mavericks on hospitality. We explored the solution isn’t always about scaling, how a restaurant can serve the local community, having a ‘Hug Manager’, the plant-based diet and making time for regular mini-adventures.


Humans of Hospitality Podcast

Urban Guild

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