Part 1: Is Technology the Secret Ingredient to Success in the Hospitality Industry?

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

What do your customers look for when they eat out? Is it the food? The story behind the brand? Receiving meaningful service and having an opportunity to show genuine, human gratitude for it? A waiter swaying their order towards a personal favourite with a real interest in whether they share the same passion? Banter with the staff?

Whatever it be, it is hard to dispute that your people add the most value to the experiences of your customers; from the design and creation of food and beverages to the face-to-face service provided in the customer-facing roles.

If technology starts to take on the roles of people, however, could we be heading towards an era of less people-centred hospitality experiences?

Technology is a popular topic of conversation for our clients, and one that will only continue to gain momentum. We at Hospitality Mavericks believe that these are two major factors you must be aware of as an entrepreneur or leader when investing in new technology: