• Michael Tingsager

Improving Employee Turnover in hospitality and restaurants - Recruitment and Onboarding Audit Check

The recruitment challenge

It has never been a more difficult time to hire and retain great people in hospitality and restaurants, an industry that has always experienced people and skills shortages. Without having to mention the dreaded B-word, we can already highlight many reasons why hospitality and restaurant leaders feel both uncertain and pessimistic about the future.

If you ask a leader right now what their biggest challenge is, 9/10 times their response will be ‘hiring and retaining great people’.

Hospitality and restaurants have always been transient, but never have essential employees been more ready to leave their roles. Whether it’s due to uncertainty about the future or looking for fairer hours, more pay or better support; it’s amazing how small actions can collectively slow down the loss of good people: the single greatest value generators hospitality and restaurant businesses possess.

Continuing to recruit more and more people without examining and optimising the inner processes, practices and culture within your organisation is like attempting to pump up a bike tire that has multiple punctures. It will provide you with a short-lived fix, but the underlying issues will continue to bring the same challenge time and time again.

Hospitality and restaurant businesses will always have their fair share of people coming and going, but this does not mean that the expenses associated with recruiting new people should be accepted for what they are. We