• Michael Tingsager

How to show up stronger

Updated: Apr 5

How have your first weeks of 2021 been?

To be totally honest, I have often felt in overwhelmed in trying to find the path forward into 2021 Some days I totally lost the sense of being in control and also found it very difficult to find the momentum and focus I needed to progress.

But I know deep down, the more days I have the momentum and focus - the more positive my impact is on the work I do, and the people I engage with.

So my most important job as a human, husband, dad, entrepreneur and leader starts and ends with taking care of myself, so I can have more MOMENTUM and FOCUS DAYS - and show up stronger.

I have made myself slow down and double down on some simple things to make sure I feel like I have a win every morning and evening. So over the last two weeks, I have recreated and reinforced my basic routines, both morning and evening, to make sure they become more consistent again - which in some cases has meant reinventing them to fit the situation.

To get some inspiration I went back and turned into a number of the interviews I have done over the years with Mavericks to tap into their ideas and routines, and I also revisited some of my heroes, Tony Robbins and David Hieatt, for inspiration.

So my updated maverick routines are: