Digital Training Platforms: Reducing Your 90-day Employee Turnover

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Who would’ve foreseen that working in the food business would involve this much recruitment…

Whether it’s a peopling-up for a new site or just reacting to hospitality’s high churn of people, just ask a hospitality and restaurant leader how much time they or their team spends looking for new employees.

It is thought that almost 50% of frontline employees leave their new role within the first 90 days of starting. It’s no wonder why hospitality leaders and managers perceive hiring great people as only the first hurdle towards building a strong and reliable team.

But why are people leaving hospitality so fast?

Many enter hospitality and restaurants with little expectation to see their role as anything other than a stepping stone whilst they hold off for a future career. Some quick cash, a means to an end, beer money whilst studying, whatever way you look at it, the majority of people are just not down for the long haul.