• Charlotte Kedian

Digital Hospitality

How to choose, implement and manage technology to leverage a great employee and customer experience.

Photo by Pixabay

Gone are the days when all a restauranteur had to do was provide great food and sparkling customer service. The tech revolution that disrupted so many other industries has already begun to shake up hospitality. No longer a novelty or a nice-to-have, nor the domain of the IT department alone, technology now forms a central part of the operator’s toolkit. Businesses need to understand how to choose and implement new tools effectively to maintain their competitive advantage. Here we present the Hospitality Mavericks step-by-step guide to upgrading your tech.

Be strategic

The large (and growing) market for hardware and software is bewildering. Before making any sort of technology purchase, operators must be clear on their strategy. Knowing what you’re trying to achieve is the first step in narrowing the list of options. So whether you’re looking to grow EBITDA, drive like-for-likes, cut wastage or reduce employee turnover, be clear on what your aim is before doing anything else.

Understand pain points

There’s no point implementing new digital tools if the basics aren’t right. Large or fast-growing operators can soon outgrow legacy systems and ways of working. One of the telltale signs of a process that can be simplified is anything involving spreadsheets. If your business is using Excel to manage inventory, place orders or count cash, for example, you’re almost certainly going to be able to make things more efficient by procuring fit-for-purpose software.