• Michael Tingsager

Bizimply and Hospitality Mavericks enter a partnership

Joining forces to share strategies and tools

that can make the industry thrive long term, not just survive

Dublin, London and Brighton

Bizimply and Hospitality Mavericks believe that as an industry, we need to find new ways to become even more innovative: in how we lead our people, how we operate, how we grow our businesses and how we serve our customers.

Bizimply and Hospitality Mavericks are therefore joining forces to celebrate society's reopening, along with the comeback of our beloved hospitality industry. Through this partnership, we will be developing content that shares strategies and tools that can help the industry thrive long term - not just survive.

Bizimply will become the headline sponsor on the next 24 episodes of the Hospitality Mavericks podcast show and we will conduct a joint research project into the frontline workforce and its new ways of working.

Covid-19 has pushed businesses to embrace new ways of working, and that means we need to rethink how we engage and organise work in the frontline and at head office. Through the partnership, we will be studying and sharing best practices from progressive and innovative brands and leaders from all over the globe, who are setting new and better standards of organising work for the frontline workforce.