3 Things to Look For in a Consultancy When Growing Your Restaurant Business

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

You made it. Your dream restaurant is now open. It’s a success and you are well and truly in business.

All being well, fast forward half a year or so and you’re seeing regular queues out the door, a growing group of local customers and even consistent, positive cash flow.

Similarly to the many restaurant investors, owners and operators we meet you may perceive the next stage in this journey as working towards a multi-site operation. After all, the vision was never to end with one or two restaurants, was it?

Many dream of the day when their once humble restaurant has successfully transitioned into a nationally recognisable chain. And for good reason, with more restaurant units comes a larger scope to make a profit, provide jobs, scale your organisation’s purpose and have an overall greater impact on the world.

But why not just stick to one restaurant and do it well?

If finding success in the hospitality sector wasn’t so challenging at this moment in time we would say that independent restaurants have it easy.