3 Phases to Successful Digital Transformation in Your Restaurant

70% of change programs fail due to employee resistance and lack of management support. It is statistics like these that are enough to keep even the most exhausted restauranteurs up at night.

According to McKinsey’s well-cited article, when people are truly invested in change the chances that it will ‘stick’ increase by 30%. But how can you ensure that your people are on board?

As mentioned in our previous blog, wielding your employees with the relevant tech solutions can massively propel your guest experience whilst contributing towards a more efficient and profitable restaurant operation.

But before you start the digital transformation process you must successfully navigate through the white noise of hospitality and restaurant tech; ensuring that you choose a solution that has maximum alignment with your business strategy, including short-term and long-term financial goals.

Chipotle did just that in their recent turnaround plan, which included a greater focus on increasing digital sales through their click and collect ordering platform. The result? A ‘Digital Pick Up Shelf’ initiative that provides customers with a convenient and speedy ordering process, enables managers and employees to benefit from the reduced operational bottlenecks whilst contributing towards Chipotle’s strategy and reflected in their 100.7% increase in digital sales in Q1 of this year.