2018 predictions — the perfect storm is here!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

2018 is here: a blank sheet and a whole year of new possibilities, new challenges and new goals for leaders and entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. Think of 2017 as a season of your favourite Netflix series. At this point in time, the final credits are rolling, and you might be thinking back to all the twists and turns in the story so far.

In this blog, we will show you an exciting preview of what we believe will happen in the next season. Will the Hospitality House of Cards fall? Who will be the Designated Survivors? With plot twists, cliffhangers, winners and losers, victories and messages of hope for the many adventurous leaders and entrepreneurs out there in the hospitality sector, we look ahead to the 2018 season.

Our preview will show you:

  • The many forces driving the ‘perfect storm’ that is already approaching the hospitality industry from the not-so-distant horizon.

  • The strategies that you as the hero of the story, the leader of your hospitality business, should be aware of and consider for your 2018 business plan.

  • 5 Maverick questions to ask yourself before enter